Questions to Ask and Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for Long-Term Senior Care Options During the Pandemic

  • This could mean no visitation in person for the first 14-days of move in. You may be asked to view the community virtually or with a “peek-a-boo” tour.
  • How has the community altered programs like exercise, entertainment, social activities like bingo and everyday activities like eating meals?
  • While there are HIPAA protocols to protect privacy, the community may still provide you with the number of active and previous cases of COVID-19 in the building.
  • Is there a quarantine period? Some communities do require a 14-day time period that limits visitation; however, this time is used to ensure the safety of residents.
  • What is their policy with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)? Do they feel they have an adequate supply to protect them from infection?
  • Is the staff trained on appropriate use of Personal Protective Equipment?
  • Do they have enough of these supplies to “decontaminate” as needed?
  • Are they screening staff members for signs of illness, and providing them with education to reduce their exposure to COVID-19 from other health care facilities and the community?
  • What is the facility doing to prevent infections?
  • What other preventative measures do they have in place?
  • What is their plan for testing residents and staff?
  • What level of medical care can they provide if needed?
  • What will happen to older adults who get the infection after moving out and then need medical care?
  • What will happen to ones who get the infection after moving out but then recover? Will the facility let them re-enter?
  • Do they accept COVID-19 positive residents?
  • Do they accept COVID-19 recovered residents?
  • Do they require testing prior to move in?
  • How will they communicate to the residents and families if someone in the community has COVID-19?
  • How will they communicate updates and changes to the residents and families?




We share stories, tips and advice to help those across the continuum of care live their best life possible.

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For the Best of Our Lives

For the Best of Our Lives

We share stories, tips and advice to help those across the continuum of care live their best life possible.

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